LNMU Part 3 Admission Date 2023 Session 2020-23 | When And How will be Admission in College for UG Part-III

By | June 14, 2023

LNMU Part 3 Admission Date 2023 Session 2020-23: Friends! Know Here When And How will be the Mithila University UG Final Year Admission Session 2020-2023 in the College. The Resultup is expecting that the Lalit Narayan Mithila University will Announce the LNMU Part 2 Result 2020-23 in April 2023 1st or 2nd Week. After the UG Part 2 Results, University Announced for LNMU Part 3 Admission Date 2020-23.

If you Searching for LNMU UG Part 3 Admission Online 2023 then this post helps you to know all details. Here Resultup is updating the information about the LNMU BA, BSc, BCom Part 3 Admission 2020-23 Notice from time to time.

LNMU Part 3 Admission 2023

Students from the LNMU Colleges, If You are passed the LNMU Graduate Part-1 & Part-2 Exam 2020-23 or Promoted, You are eligible to take LNMU UG 3rd Year Admission 2020-23.

LNMU UG Part 3 Admission

LNMU UG Part 3 Admission 2020-23

In this article, we are told How will you take Admission to LNMU College for Graduation Part-III, Which documents will be needed at the time of Admission, & How much the fee will be in College for Admission.

नोट– इस पोस्ट में हमने ललित नारायण मिथिला विश्वविद्यालय स्नातक पार्ट 3 सत्र 2020-23 तीसरे वर्ष के नामांकन के बारे में बात की है |. सभी छात्र समय पर अपने कॉलेज में नामांकन ले सके |. विश्वविद्यालय के कुछ कॉलेजों में स्नातक पार्ट 3 में नामांकन की प्रक्रिया के बाद छात्रों का परीक्षा फॉर्म भरा जाएगा |. वहीं कुछ कॉलेजों में परीक्षा फॉर्म भराने तक नामांकन होगा | स्नातक पार्ट थ्री में नामांकन के बारे में अधिक जानकारी के लिए अपने कॉलेज से संपर्क करें |

Overview of LNMU UG 3rd Year Admission Date 2023

Name of University Mithila University (LNMU), Darbhanga
Post Name LNMU UG 3rd Year Admission 2023
Course Type Regular Mode
Degree Name B.A., B.Sc., B.Com.
Class UG 3rd Part (Final Year)
LNMU Part 3 Admission Eligibility Part-1, Part-2 Pass, Fail & Promoted
LNMU Part 3 Admission Time 3rd Week of April 2023
UG Part 3 Admission Fee Inform You by College
Website https://lnmu.ac.in/

LNMU Part 3 Admission 2020-23

Friends! Some LNMU Colleges take the Graduation Part 3 Admission Online & Some Colleges’ Admission Process is offline. All Students Contact their own College to know the Admission Process.

Generally, Admission will be Open till UG Part-III Exam Form applies. Students don’t worry about Admission, Soon Contac to their college.

How will You take Admission to LNMU College for UG Part-III?

It is very easy to take Admission to LNMU College. LNMU All College Students go to Your College & Take the Admission Form, Fill up All Details Correctly, Attached All Documents & Submit it with Admission Fee.

Important documents for LNMU Part 3 Admission

  • UG Part 1, 2 Admission Receipt
  • Photocopy of UG Registration Card
  • Photocopy of Part-1, Part-2 Mark Sheet
  • UG Part-1, Part-2 Admit Card Photocopy  
  • Photocopy 2 Caste Category
  • Photocopy of Income Certificate
  • Recent Two Passport Size Photo

How Much LNMU Part-III Admission Fee in College?

Students! The Admission Fees will be decided by the College. So to Know the LNMU Part 3 Admission Fee Contact the College.

Some College is taking Full Admission Fees and Some College is not taking Admission Fee for Reserved Categories (ST/SC/EBC) Students & Girls Students. So for Better Information Contact Your College.

LNMU UG Final Yr Admission 2020-23

Guys! In this post, we have totally talked about the Mithila University Graduation 3rd Year Admission 2023. After taking Admission All Students will fill up LNMU UG 3rd Part Exam Form 2023. To fill up LNMU UG Part 3rd Exam Form 2020-23 University released the official notice.

LNMU UG College Name

According to the University Notice, Mithila University has a total of 79 Colleges for Undergraduate Education in four districts at different locations. In these, 43 Colleges are Constituent College & 36 College Affiliated College. All College List has been updated below.

In Red Text we have updated the Constituent College & in Blue Text we have updated Affiliated College NAme.

  1. Samastipur College, Samastipur
  2. R.N.A.R College, Samastipur
  3. B.R.B College Samastipur
  4. Women’s College, Samastipur
  5. A.N.D College, Sahpur Patori, Samastipur
  6. R.B.S College, Andaur, Samastipur
  7. R.B College, Dalsinghsarai, Samastipur
  8. U.P College, Pusa, Samastipur
  9. U.R College, Rosra, Samastipur
  10. D.B.K.N College, Narhan, Samastipur
  11. Dr. L.K.V.D College, Tajpur, Samastipur
  12. G.M.R.D College, Mohanpur, Samastipur
  13. S.K. College, Thatiya, Rosera, Samastipur
  14. K.S.R College, Sarairanjan, Samastipur
  15. S.M.R.C.K College, Samastipur
  16. G.K.P.D College, Karpoorigram, Samastipur
  17. Sant Kabir College, Samastipur
  18. R.L.S.R.M.D College, Shivajinagar, Samastipur
  19. Vidhi Mahavidyalay, Samastipur
  20. Mahanth Narayan Das College, Chandauli, Ujiyarpur (Samastipur)
  21. Chhattu Roy College, Kishanpur, Samastipur
  22. R.I.H.E Birauli, Samastipur
  23. BVKV College, Rampur, Dudhpura, Samastipur

UG College in Begusarai

  1. G.D College, Begusarai
  2. S.B.S.S College, Begusarai
  3. S.K.M. College, Begusarai
  4. A.P.S.M College, Barauni, Begusarai
  5. R.C.S College, Majhaula, Begusarai
  6. R.C.S.S. College, Bihat, Begusarai
  7. R.B.S College, Teyai, Begusarai
  8. R.K.A Law College, Begusarai
  9. Mahanth Ram Jiwan Das College, Vishnupur, Begusarai

UG College in Darbhanga

  1. C.M College, Darbhanga
  2. C.M Science College, Darbhanga
  3. Marwari College, Darbhanga
  4. M.R.M College, Darbhanga
  5. C.M Low College, Darbhanga
  6. K.S College, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga
  7. M.K College, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga
  8. Millat College, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga
  9. B.M.A College, Baheri, Darbhanga
  10. M.L.S.M College, Darbhanga
  11. M.K.S College, Trimuhan Chandauna, Darbhanga
  12. J.K College, Biraul, Darbhanga
  13. J.N College, Nehra, Darbhanga
  14. M.G. College, Darbhanga
  15. R.B.J College, Bela, Darbhanga
  16. L.C.S College, Darbhanga
  17. N. Jha Mahila College, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga
  18. Bahera College, Bahera, Darbhanga
  19. M.M College, Kadirabad, Darbhanga
  20. M.M.T.M College, Darbhanga
  21. Sati-Bharat College, Parari, Darbhanga
  22. M.R.S.M College, Anandpur, Darbhanga
  23. A.M.M College, Benipur, Darbhanga
  24. Q.A Degree College, Jale, Darbhanga
  25. Janta Degree College, Korthu, Darbhanga

UG College in Madhubani

  1. R.K College, Madhubani
  2. J.N College, Madhubani
  3. R.N College, Pandaul, Madhubani
  4. B.M College, Rahika, Madhubani
  5. K.VSc College, Ucchaith, Madhubani
  6. J.M.D.P.L Mahila College, Madhubani
  7. L.N.J College, Jhanjharupr, Madhubani
  8. M.L.S College, Sarisabpahi, Madhubani
  9. H.P.S College, Madhapur, Madhubani
  10. C.M.J College, Downwarihat, Madhubani
  11. C.M.B College, Deorh, Ghoghardiha, Madhubani
  12. D.B College, Jaynagar, Madhubani
  13. V.S.J College, Rajnagar, Madhubani
  14. D.N.Y College, Madhubani
  15. A.H.S.A College, Madhubani
  16. P.D.K.J College, Andharatharhi, Madhubani
  17. S.N.M College, Bhairaw Sthan, Madhubani
  18. P.L.M College, Jhanjharpur, Madhubani
  19. S.M.J College, Khajedih, Madhubani
  20. Lutan Jha College, Nanaur, Madhubani
  21. R.N.J College, Madhwarpur, Madhubani
  22. JDGS Degree Mahila College, Jaynagar, Madhubani

As Mithila University Announces for LNMU UG 3rd Year Exam Form Apply, we will notify you through the Special Post LNMU UG IIIrd Year Exam Form 2023.

Hope this post helps you to know the Lalit Narayan Mithila University UG Part 3 Admission 2020-23. For further updates keep in touch with us. If you have any questions regarding the LNMU, You can contact us in the comments box. Thanks!

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